easyRider_still“Asphalt Serenade” movie Episode 04 > “Share The Road”  now on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BTM32v2Dna1/?taken-by=dmfxfilmandmusic  New episode every Saturday. Info at dmfxfilmandmusic.com. Soundtrack at www.dumfuxx.bandcamp.com

Image of a truck on the highway
“Asphalt Serenade” movie Episode 03 > Super8 Highway  now on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BS6-rSPD4ip/?taken-by=dmfxfilmandmusic  New episode every Saturday. Info at dmfxfilmandmusic.com. Soundtrack at www.dumfuxx.bandcamp.com.

01_dmfx_AS-cd_frnt_finalcomp_070116Asphalt Serenade movie Episode 01 now on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BSZgfHljTfy/?taken-by=dumfuxx.  New episode every Saturday. Info at www.dumfuxx.com. Soundtrack at www.dumfuxx.bandcamp.com.

Proud to welcome new DMFX members XANDRA WONG (banjo, keyboards, vocals), CARTER LEE GARRETT (guitar effects, keyboards) and JASON JURZAK (basses, sousaphone). More at www.dumfuxx.com. Photo collage by Carlos Grasso.


DMFX, featuring new members Xandra Wong, Carter Lee Garrett, Jason Jurzak with founder Carlos Grasso, will perform an original live score to the classic science-fiction film “La Jetee”. Saturday, Feb 4, 9:30pm at Zeitgeist Film Center, New Orleans. Photo by Babbette Hines. more at www.dumfuxx.com

Dumfuxx (DMFX) will live score the classic 1962 French science-fiction film, “La Jetee”, by Chris Marker with original music. Wednesday, 11/30/16 at Bar Redux. New Orleans, 9pm. The performance marks the debut of a new core line-up. More at www.dumfuxx.com

Finally we have a new website full of things to see and hear. Please go to http://www.dumfuxx.com, put your feet up and stay awhile. Feedback is appreciated and tell your friends about us. Thank you for your time.

Photo of DaDa the stuffed dog at a Dumfuxx photo shoot.
A stuffed dog at a Dumfuxx photo shoot happy to be loved. Photo by Edward Colver.