music from the film

The soundtrack to “Elegy Highway” is available at


BABY DOLLS: PomPomsPistonsPonies      Produced and mixed by Dennis Herring   2:56
James Slay: banjo, guitar.  Carlos Grasso: kick drum, auto-tuned harmonica, shaker, sound effects.  Eric Gorfain: violin.  Dennis Herring: electronic beats and percussion. Engineer: Will Cole.

ASPHALT JAMBOREE      Produced and mixed by Dennis Herring   2:12
James Slay: banjo.  Carlos Grasso: Harmonica, kick drum, percussion, groan. Engineer: Will Cole.

DRIVING, DRIVING, DRIVING   Produced and mixed by Dennis Herring    4:54
James Slay: Electric guitar.  Carlos Grasso: Piano, electronics, field recording, rhythm loop.  David Lovering: Drums.  Eric Gorfain: Violin.  Dylan Howe: Bass.  Engineers: James Slay, Barry Goldberg, WIll Cole.

OH, CITY OF ANGLES   Produced by Dennis Herring. Mixed by Carlos Grasso
Carlos Grasso: harmonica, field recording and loops, arrangement. James Slay: Electronics, guitar, banjo, digital contrabass. Strings – The Section Quartet: Eric Gorfain: Violin, Daphne Chen: Violin, Lauren Chipman: Viola, Richard Dodd: Cello. Produced by Dennis Herring. Engineers: Will Cole, Barry Goldberg.

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