Instagram instafilms and scores

Instafilms are short (15 second) films and scores posted to Instagram. As such, they are edited and scored within an hour using audio and video apps on an iPhone only. They are meant to be viewed and listened to on a phone. You can find us on Instagram at dumfuxx.

Instafilm/score no.22, pt.2 [you said you’d wait] posted 100515

Instafilm/score no.22, pt.1 [you said you’d wait] posted 100515

Instafilm/score no.21 [unrequited desire] posted 092415

Instafilm/score no. 20 [time squared] posted 092315

Instafilm/score no.19 [message has no content] posted 092115

Instafilm/score no.18 [failure to communicate] posted 091815

Instafilm/score no.17 [coney island couture] posted 091315

Instafilm/score no.16 [remember to breathe] posted 090915

Instafilm/score no.15 [unnerving situation] posted 090215

Instafilm/score no.14 [windows of opportunity] posted 082615

Instafilm/score no.13 [the great divide] posted 082115

Instafilm/score no.12 [impertinent desires] posted 081915

Instafilm/score no.11 [waiting for Pa-Paw] posted 081715

Instafilm/score no.10 [eternal duel] for Italo Calvino  posted 081015

Instafilm/score no.9 [cobwebs of my mind]  posted 080615

Instafilm/score no.8 [the beauty of failure]  posted 080215

Instafilm/score no.7 [unintended consequences] posted 072815

Instafilm/score no.6 [life is just a] posted 072615

Instafilm/score no.5 [carpe diem] posted 072015

Instafilm/score no.4 [a split decision] posted 071715

Instafilm/score no.3 [go figger] posted 071415

Instafilm/score no.2 [the weeds are always greener on the other side] posted 071215

Instafilm/score no.1 posted 071115

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