film and score credits

A Film By Asphalt Serenade and Many People
Starring: Jimmy Rollins, The Unseen Housewife, The Bus Passengers
And Bruce Dean as “The Lawn Mowing Man”
Produced by Stream Of Coma Research In Association with Asphalt Serenade

Videography by Mike Slack, Carlos Grasso, Todd Darling, Babbette Hines
Time-lapse films, road trip footage, personal Super 8 home movies, polar bear footage and assorted video samples by Carlos Grasso
Animation, title logo, graphics by Fred Davis
Edited by Carlos Grasso
Sound design, field recordings, Foley, audio samples, sound collages by Carlos Grasso
Creative consultants: Dennis Herring, Babbette Hines, and Todd Darling

Color   Run time: 67 min.

Score composed by James Slay and Carlos Grasso
Soundtrack produced and mixed by Dennis Herring at Sweet Tea
Musical director/Score arrangement: Carlos Grasso
Strings composition and arrangements: James Slay
Additional arrangements and charts: Eric Gorfain
Additional mixing by Carlos Grasso at ComaStream, New Orleans, La
Score recorded at Sweet Tea, Oxford, MS and Little Box Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Engineers: Sweet Tea – Will Cole    Little Box – Barry Goldberg
“Breaking News!” “I’m Just So Powerfully Sleepy”, “The Oscar Has Landed” and “Fortune Cookie Blues” recorded at OneEyedCult, Los Angeles, CA.
Producer/engineer: James Slay
Additional recording at ComaStream, New Orleans     Engineer: Carlos Grasso

JAMES SLAY: Banjo, guitars, keyboards, piano, electronics, drum machine, claps, vocals on “Breaking News”
CARLOS GRASSO: Harmonicas, big kick drum, percussion, bells, rhythm loops and programming, sampling, electronics, whistling, piano on “Driving, Driving, Driving”, sound and vocal collages, field recordings
THE SECTION QUARTET: Eric Gorfain – Violin, Daphne Chen – Violin,
Lauren Chipman – Viola, Richard Dodd – Cello
GRANT-LEE PHILLIPS: Vocals on “No Money Down”
DENNIS HERRING: Additional keyboards and piano, Pro-One bass, percussion programming on “Baby dolls”
DYLAN HOWE: Bass guitar, jaw harp on “Breaking News!”

All music ©2017 Asphalt Serenade. Slaymusic/bmi, CFGrassomusic/bmi

Video Samples:
Main: “Freedom Highway”, “Design For Dreaming”, “America For Me”, “Gretchen Greenhorn”, “American Look 1958”, “Square Dancing”, “How To Say No”, “Lunchroom Manners”, “Democracy”, Popularity”, “Good Eating Habits” courtesy of
Some additional video samples used without permission.

Audio samples:
The Unseen Housewife dialog is from a found anonymous talking letter sound recording dated April – November 1960.
Super Sunday Second Line parade performers unknown
Gospel samples in “I Love You Darling” from “Negro Spirituals: 1927”
Includes some audio samples used without permission

Special thanks to: Dennis Herring, The Section Quartet (Eric Gorfain, Richard Dodd, Daphne Chen, Lauren Chipman), Barry Goldberg, David Lovering, Dylan Howe, Grant-Lee Phillips, Babbette Hines, Corrie Harris, Billy O’Connell, The Grasso Family, Jon Brion, Janee Meadows, Don Don Motu, Paul Sandberg, Will Cole, Sweet Tea, Mike Slack, Todd Darling, Johnny Harris, Fred Davis, Edward Colver, Vern Evans, Mat Gleason, Matt Kennedy, Jam Handy, James wishes to thank his family and friends, especially Mom and Dad.

Dedicated to Tomi Lizarraga Grasso 1936 – 2007   “Never give up”

©2017 Asphalt Serenade/Stream Of Coma Research

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