Asphalt Serenade: the micro-movie version on Vine 2015-2016

Asphalt Serenade debuted on Vine in six-second episode posted weekly. Vine no longer exists for video but this archive contains all the episodes.

EPISODE 40, Long Live The King

EPISODE 39, Angels of Death

EPISODE 38, Last Exit to Dallas

EPISODE 37, The Alamo

EPISODE 36, Tacos and Tex Ritter

EPISODE 35, In a lone star state

EPISODE 34, You’re welcome

EPISODE 33, Culture for sale

EPISODE 32, Uncomfortably numb

EPISODE 31, Land of Enchantment

EPISODE 30, Border patrol

EPISODE 29, Viva Las Vegas pt4

EPISODE 28, Viva Las Vegas pt3

EPISODE 27, Viva Las Vegas pt2(911)

EPISODE 26, Viva Las Vegas pt1

EPISODE 25, Uneasy riders

EPISODE 24, Rest stop

EPISODE 23, Nevada rose

EPISODE 22, Signs of the times

EPISODE 21, Welcome to our town

EPISODE 20, A magnificent mile

EPISODE 19, A small world after all

EPISODE 18, Your moment of zen

EPISODE 17, What a headache

EPISODE 16, Color me gone

EPISODE 15, The road to revelation

EPISODE 14, Beauty on 1-15

EPISODE 13, The Lonely Road

EPISODE 12, Talk radio, I-40E Nv.

EPISODE 11, Driving, driving, driving

EPISODE 10, So far, so good

EPISODE 9, Golden Gates of Revolution

EPISODE 8, Summer of Haight

EPISODE 7, The Golden Gates

EPISODE 6, San Francisco

EPISODE 5, Dark days are over

EPISODE 4, Third of July

EPISODE 3, This is a story about America

EPISODE 2, North on the I-5

EPISODE 1, Meet Jimmy Rollins



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