select scenes from “Elegy Highway”

These scenes, while edited and sound designed, are templates for the live video edit and scoring performance of the complete film. All of these posted scenes include, in varying percentages, manual live video editing using a video switcher in response to the music and sound, in combination with a linear method. Some of the mistakes and flaws have been left in for feels sake.

SC. 1, TITLE SEQUENCE    Music > Oh, City of Angles
The title sequence introduces the voice of Eleanor, a housewife making talking letter recordings, and the bus trip with Jimmy Rollins as it leaves Los Angeles and heads up north on the I-5 freeway.

SC. 4, ON THE I-40 INTO NEW MEXICO     Music > Driving, Driving, Driving
On a lonely stretch of the I-40 Jimmy ponders the existential nature of…driving. Housewife Eleanor relates some of her car experiences in ways only a constant, frustrated driver can relate to.

SC. 5, ON THE HIGHWAY INTO NEVADA      Music > Babydolls
A drive through Nevada takes Jimmy into the heartland of cowboys, pom-poms and pistons, plus a ground’s eye-view of The Pony Express.


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