film score tracks list

All music composed by James Slay and Carlos Grasso except where noted.
Published by slaymusic/bmi, grassomusic/bmi.

    1. Oh, City Of Angles (with “Oh Susanna”, trad.)
    2. Asphalt Serenade
    3. Golden Gates Of Revolution
    4. Driving, Driving, Driving
    5. Baby Dolls: PomPomsPistonsPonies
    6. Fortune Cookie Blues
    7. Let’s Go To The Movies
    8. The Oscar Has Landed
    9. I Can Hardly Move Around
    10. No Money Down (with “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad”, trad.)
    11. Lunch In Oklahoma City
    12. Rapture
    13. Asphalt Jamboree
    14. I’m Just So Powerfully Sleepy
    15. Breaking News!
    16. Second Line To Gettysburg
    17. Come Ye Here The Sick and Brokenhearted
    18. Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You Anymore
    19. Last Exit For Mom and Apple Pie
    20. Asphalt Serenata
    21. All Blabbered Out

©2015 Dumfuxx/DMFX

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