ANTENNA WORKS: Signals  “Inconsiderable Fallout”,  April 9, 2016
The first of two solo performances by Carlos Grasso for the debut of Antennae Works: Signals live arts magazine variety show presented at Castillo Blanco in New Orleans, La. The theme for the evening was miniatures under the banner of “I Am An Important Giant”. This short film was live scored by Carlos and created using the vusicianship process. The film features photographs of the remarkable farm/plantation dioramas at the Louisiana State Museum in Shreveport, La.

ANTENNA WORKS: Signals  “Tiny Sounds”,  April 9, 2016
The second of two performances from the evening is a debut sound collage piece featuring live and recordings of low level sounds captured on sensitive microphones. Layering one sound phrase at a time, the intent was to show how the little things add up to be the big things in life.

BAR REDUX “Flux Redux”, November 14, 2015  New Orleans, LA (EXCERPTS)
This solo performance features excerpts from a new score for a 17-minute film version created specifically for the “Flux Redux” event – “Asphalt Serenade: redux”. Carlos Grasso co-curated this show which featured a variety of artists and performers in an homage to the Dada, Surrealist and Fluxus art movements.

COAGULA CURATORIAL, October 27, 2012  Los Angeles, CA   excerpt
“Blabbered Out”  Carlos Grasso & James Slay performing outdoors with The Section Quartet in Chinatown. Many thanks to Mat Gleason.


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LA LUZ DE JESUS GALLERY, December 3, 2010  Los Angeles, CA   excerpts
Carlos Grasso & James Slay
This was our first official gig apart from the studio performances we’d done. We’re still grateful to Matt Kennedy for making it possible.

“Asphalt Jamboree”

“Driving, driving, driving”

“Baby Dolls:PomPomsPistonsPonies”


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