Image of Carlos Grasso pushing a film reel
Dumfuxx [solo version: Carlos Grasso} will live score their short film “Asphalt Serenade:redux” as part of the Flux Redux show at Bar Redux, Saturday, Nov14, 10:30pm. He’ll also provide sound effects, electronics and glass harp for Flux Redux (8-11pm) presented as an offering of the Faux Real Fest in New Orleans. $10 at the door. Flux Redux is curated by Carlos Grasso in conjunction with Bar Redux.

Image of the Disneyland sign
ASPHALT SERENADE [micromovie version] > EPISODE 19 ON VINE > A small world after all ~ weekly episodes > all episodes at Info at  @dmfxx

Photo of a modified camera.
A Soundograph camera, circa 1903.

“Cowboy and the Stranger” photograph by Ed Valfre. Field recording by Carlos Grasso. A Soundograph is the random pairing of a photograph and sound. Go to

Photo of a camera
An Arguss Soundograph camera, circa 1957.

We’re beside ourselves with the return of the SOUNDOGRAPH with guest photographer Ed Valfre. A Soundograph is the random pairing of photo and sound. #soundographs.  Go to

Finally we have a new website full of things to see and hear. Please go to, put your feet up and stay awhile. Feedback is appreciated and tell your friends about us. Thank you for your time.

Photo of DaDa the stuffed dog at a Dumfuxx photo shoot.
A stuffed dog at a Dumfuxx photo shoot happy to be loved. Photo by Edward Colver.