Image of a truck on the highway
“Asphalt Serenade” movie Episode 03 > Super8 Highway  now on Instagram  New episode every Saturday. Info at Soundtrack at


Carlos Grasso recently live-scored his short film, “Inconsiderable Fallout”, as part of live magazine show in New Orleans 04.09.16. Watch the performance at or

Photo of a highway rest stop
ASPHALT SERENADE [micromovie version] > EPISODE 24 ON VINE > Rest stop ~ weekly episodes > all episodes at Info at  @dmfxx

Finally we have a new website full of things to see and hear. Please go to, put your feet up and stay awhile. Feedback is appreciated and tell your friends about us. Thank you for your time.

Photo of DaDa the stuffed dog at a Dumfuxx photo shoot.
A stuffed dog at a Dumfuxx photo shoot happy to be loved. Photo by Edward Colver.