01_dmfx_AS-cd_frnt_finalcomp_070116Asphalt Serenade movie Episode 01 now on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BSZgfHljTfy/?taken-by=dumfuxx.  New episode every Saturday. Info at www.dumfuxx.com. Soundtrack at www.dumfuxx.bandcamp.com.

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Watch full-length film title sequence Asphalt Serenade title sequence> Listen to title seq music “Oh, City of Angles” Soundcloud. More at dumfuxx.com. @sectionquartet @ericgorfain

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WATCH A NEW SCENE FROM “ASPHALT SERENADE”. From the full-length version by Dumfuxx. Features the track, “Driving, driving, driving. More at asphaltserenade.com.