01_dmfx_AS-cd_frnt_finalcomp_070116Asphalt Serenade movie Episode 01 now on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BSZgfHljTfy/?taken-by=dumfuxx.  New episode every Saturday. Info at www.dumfuxx.com. Soundtrack at www.dumfuxx.bandcamp.com.

Proud to welcome new DMFX members XANDRA WONG (banjo, keyboards, vocals), CARTER LEE GARRETT (guitar effects, keyboards) and JASON JURZAK (basses, sousaphone). More at www.dumfuxx.com. Photo collage by Carlos Grasso.


DMFX, featuring new members Xandra Wong, Carter Lee Garrett, Jason Jurzak with founder Carlos Grasso, will perform an original live score to the classic science-fiction film “La Jetee”. Saturday, Feb 4, 9:30pm at Zeitgeist Film Center, New Orleans. Photo by Babbette Hines. more at www.dumfuxx.com


DJ DMFX 01/16/17 set for your pleasure at https://www.mixcloud.com/DJDMFX/dj-dmfx-live-at-suis-generis-new-orleans-set-011617/  Live electronics + vintage 78s = djDMFX every Saturday at Suis Generis, New Orleans. www.dumfuxx.com



Carlos Grasso (DJ DMFX) performs an electronics and vintage 78s set at Bar Redux, New Orleans, La. 11.30.16. Excerpts on YouTube  https://youtu.be/iCmxrxgFvDg   More at www.dumfuxx.com