Barry Goldberg and Dennis Herring by James Slay

Photo of Dennis Herring and Barry Goldberg at Little Box Studios.

Engineer Barry Goldberg strains to hear what producer Dennis Herring is muttering under his breath as Barry adjusts faders at Little Box Studios during recording of the Dumfuxx score to “Asphalt Serenade”. The tension reached a crescendo after a pithy remark by Dennis forced Barry to challenge the producer to a duel in the adjacent backyard. Excited, we all went outside. They paced off, turned to each other and pulled the triggers on their unlicensed guns, but found neither had loaded their weapons with bullets. It was decided to get back to work while a friend went out and got more ammo. Eric Gorfain looks joyful at the prospect of a shoot out. By the time he returned, tempers had cooled and all was right as rain again. Photo by James Slay.

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